Weekly Journal #2


What everyone at least one time during your stay here at the Disney College Program should take a personal day and walk around the park by yourself. This is my second week here and my room mates and I are finding out how much each of our schedules conflict with each other’s, so finding days to go out as a group is rapidly dwindling. So instead of wasting my day off by staying inside I figured I would try something new.

My current work location is at Epoct so I though why not familiarize myself with the park as much as I can before training to try to stay a step ahead of the game. When first arriving at the park by myself I can admit that it was very intimidating due to its enormous size but I have no regrets on taking this adventure. I saw at the piles of families and tour groups (which can be with over 50 people at once) started entering the park and I figured there is no better time then now to start exploring.

When traveling alone it was very simple to get lost in the crowd, it also gave me a whole new perspective on the park in its entirety. There is no attention being drawn to you and no one there to judge how many picture you will take of a single statue until it is perfect. Walking around the World Show Case was truly the most magical part of the whole experience. I was able to walk into each country an emurce myself on the diverce culture that each one has to offer. Not to mention the amazing food and drinks


Going to a park does not always have to be a stressful event where you are sprinting to get on every singe ride as fast as possible. When you slow things down and take time to appericate what was created and how every detail has a meaning and purpose you will see a whole new side never thought possible. Yes it can get lonely when watching the families interactions (not in a creepy way) but you are able to see how everyone’s experiences all tie into each other to create one amazing park.



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