Weekly Reflective Journal #1

This is my first week here at the Walt Disney World College Program, It literally has been only 5 days for me. Something I have learned is that always expect the unexpected. Preparing for this program, I was accepted into the housekeeping department. However, on the first day, my whole position was rerouted because of my tattoos. I became a park greeter instead and that changed my whole day’s itinerary. I realized you have to be prepared for any changes. Although, one thing became apparent during this hiccup, some people are very accommodating to your needs. Since classes started this week and training starts tomorrow, my training coordinator was very friendly and willing to work around my classes.

One set back I had was arriving on such a late date. I was basically the last batch of CP’s to join the spring/spring advantage group. I found it harder to adjust to a new life when there’s so much going on, my schedule feels more compact. I already started classes my third day in. I feel like I haven’t gotten much time to settle in yet, which makes me feel a bit nervous, because I feel the pressure to adjust and pick up things quicker. Most people that have come into the program had a week or more to establish their new living here in FL.

I had my traditions yesterday and it was something I really enjoyed. Learning more about the company that I will be working for the next 6 months.


One last thing I learned is that the impossible is always possible.

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