Reflective Journal #1


Today is my second week here at Walt Disney World CP and every day feels like a new adventure in my life. Firstly, I was supposed to  arrived January 25th but because of the SnowStorm I could not make it until the following week which was February 1st. I have to say that each day is journey for me because I am surround  by new people and new things but little by little I am adapting and trying to learn as much a possible . Last Saturday I had ”Traditions” this special even an official orientation about how this worldwide company operates, and also how Disney was created. It is a very special moment when after they go through all the history, and they say that you are an officially cast member of their company. At that moment they really make you feel welcome and also make you feel that you are an important part of this huge company.

Disney has a very special and successful way to operate, at “Traditions” we learned about the four main keys that make this company unique and different from everyone else. These four keys are  Safety, courtesy, show and efficiency. On a daily basis when cast member are working they have to perform these keys all the time when they are on stage. One of the thing I learned in this special event was that practicing safe behaviors and taking action when needed is the most important thing to provide safety for ourselves as well as for our guests, this is our first key. Courtesy is our second key, it is simply shows that every cast member has to perform positive image in the workplace because this positive attitude will keep our guests coming back. Show is also an important key because that is what guests see when they visit us. Last, efficiency is and essential key because working with efficiency can help us perform to our best ability. After I learned about the four keys, now I know why this company have been so successful.

This is my first time being in Florida and I am amazed to see how beautiful everything is. I want to see all the attractions hopefully with work and classes I still can have the time to do so but I will try my best to enjoy this amazing experience that I’m living right now.

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  1. Remember how you feel right now. This is how many of your guests will feel too! Make sure to implement the 4 Keys in a way that will keep this excitement alive!

    PS. I remember your first days of HMGT 1101 and how you inquired about the Disney Program! Your dreams are coming true, live the magic every day that you can!

    • That is so true, I remember like today when I was in your class on my first semester Fall 2014 and I was very curious and excited about this program. Today I’m very excited proud of myself for being here achieving my dreams.

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