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While on the Disney College Program I attended two classes, one of which was Human Resource Management and it taught me a lot of information and something that I remember the most is that people have different purposes in looking for a job. 

In the article Benefits Take on New Importance in Recruiting and Retaining Employees, SHRM Survey Finds that companies are offering better benefits to entice and retain employees. They mention that in order to entice new members of the company without changing the base salary would have to result in changes elsewhere.

Evren Esen, the director of SHRM’s survey programs speculated that “While the competition for talented workers has heated up, there has been little change in base salaries. So HR has strategically turned to benefits to attract — and keep — skilled professionals.” He goes on to list different benefits people desire including health care, wellness, and flexible work arrangements.

The article ties into the human resource concepts I learned in class because it mentions rewards in which organizations may use to attract, motivate and retain employees. Highly skilled employees are harder to recruit for organizations and the best course would be to use benefits to attract them.  “Health care is the benefit mostly highly valued by employees,” Esen said. “Maintaining coverage is an effective tool for recruitment and retention. In coming years, retirement savings, compensation, flexible work and career development also will play increasingly important roles in recruiting strategies.” He believes health care is the benefit that people look for most, others come later on.



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  1. Sue says:

    There are many reasons why each individual accepts a certain role. Benefits are always what an employee looks for. I agree with the fact that health care is one of the most expected benefits, where it relates to our number one key- safety. All employees should have medical bills covered if they do get sick.

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