Weekly Reflective Journal #2

It’s my second week in the Disney College Program, and I definitely agree that time went by fast. I guess it’s because the second week is busier than the first one. I had Traditions last Saturday and learned about Disney’s 4 keys, which is safety, courtesy, show and efficiency. During traditions we went on a tour to Magic Kingdom to identify the 4 keys. It was very special because it was my first time in Magic Kingdom, I got very emotional when I saw the castle. When we came back from the tour we received our Mickey ears, our name tag, and we saw the boss Mickey!


Being that said, right after traditions my roommate and I went to Magic Kingdom, for my first visit as a guest. I’ve also visited the other 3 parks, and my favorite one is Hollywood Studios. I also liked Epcot a lot, it’s a very interesting park, we went around the world and got to know a little more about different countries. I visited Animal Kingdom when I had my park orientation, we went on a tour and got to ride the Kilimanjaro safari, sadly I didn’t have my phone around to take pictures. However, on Monday I’m going to Animal Kingdom as a guest to explore and learn more about my park.


As a Vacation Planner, we have to take a Vacation Planning core class before we go to On the Job Training. My class was held at Disney University for 5 days straight and today was my last day. I really learned a lot about my role, and what I will be doing in the booths at Animal Kingdom. We learned how to sell tickets, how to convert paper tickets, how to sell annual passes with the payment plan, will calls, etc. It was an intense training but I’m ready for my on the job training at DAK. I start on tuesday, and I’m very excited to interact with guests and help them find the best tickets for them.

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