Reflective Photo Journal #11

It is December 1st and the most anticipated day for Disney World’s guests and cast members is finally here! The opening of Star Wars Launch Bay has been the most brought up topic since the special orientation that was shown exclusively for cast members of Hollywood Studios. Ever since the opening of Launch Bay, I found myself explain to the guest what Launch Bay and the concept behind of it. Most of the guests thought it was a ride, however as soon as I told them it is more an attraction that contains everything and anything about Star Wars they got excited (especially the Star Wars fan).  The best part was you get to meet and greet Darth Vader and Chewbacca, besides those two characters you also get to meet other characters from Star Wars like the Storm Troopers.

I was fortunate to visit Launch Bay during the first day of opening, I have to admit it is by far the coolest attraction in Hollywood Studios. I wish I get to visit the Launch Bay with my dad who introduced me to Star Wars and shared his love of Star Wars with me. The merchandise sold different types of unique Star Wars merchandise, I particularly have my eyes on the $200 Kyro’s light saber. Perhaps my cast member discount can fulfill my wishlist.  Overall, Star Wars Launch Bay is just the beginning of Hollywood Studio’s transformation and I am looking forward to see of whats to come.


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