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The Disney College Program emphasizes on networking, you’ll never know if the culinary member will work their way up to become a manager at your location. While working at Pecos Bill Cafe and Inn I did not have the chance to trail my manager or complete management tasks but I had the chance to talk to one of my leaders or manager, Stephanie on her journey of achieving manager at the young age of 25. I found out she did two college programs and that Disney also offers a managerial internship in addition to the professional internships. She completed the managerial internship before getting hired full time at Pecos. She said Disney has a lot to offer and there are many different paths available.

I also talked to another of my leaders, Dan and he explained when he first started working at Pecos as a manager he was not as open and talkative as he is now. He explained that he had to change and be more open to emphasize with other cast members and it takes time and determination to not shut people out.

“Start off as an observer, take the middle path, avoid cliques and factions, expand your network,” are a few ideas “Transitioning into a Leadership Role: On-the-Job Success Strategies for Newly Promoted Managers” by offer. The article believes that the skill and commitment that you place into your job and got you the promotion will be the reason why you are the one for the job. I believe that in order to be an efficient leader it would be best to follow the ideas from the article. Learning the responsibilities will take time and during this time I believe that treating other members with respect and consideration will encourage them to help you when they see you are facing difficulties.


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  1. The management program that Disney offers is beneficial in many ways. I know five students who have experienced the program, three that continued with the company and one that is finding great success with Disney. There is a lot to learn and you should do your best to trail a manager at least once while at Disney.

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