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My location is a restaurant called Pecos Bill Cafe and Inn and it is located in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. On the first day of training we were given a location tour in which we were informed where all the AED, fire extinguishers and water fountains and pay phones were located. On the first day of training for the front of house we were also informed the code name “code V” and chemical box to clean up vomit. We were briefly explained how to clean up the area and continue on with our work.

Cast members can pick up a tell-a-cast which is a pamphlet that provides the hours of the park each day, special events and food and beverage locations but most importantly it contains all the services offered to the guest, an example would be “first aid: next to Crystal Palace. Provides over the counter medicines, bandages and immediate care items.” The telecast also includes transportation information and important numbers including all emergencies such as security, custodial and bus hotlines. These telecasts are updated weekly and there are special event ones for the Halloween and Christmas party.

“With an emphasis on communication and support of employees, the company’s plan allowed the Walt Disney World Resort to resume operations after the storms, even while it assisted employees with storm relief,” from “The storms of Summer” by Barbara Higgins shows that communication and support is necessary when dealing with emergencies whether it be natural or man made. This article relates to my future in management because it made me realize that even though there is a low chance of hurricanes and other disasters it can happen and it is better to be prepared then lost when it arrives. It is best to have the support of your coworkers and you need your employees to be calm in order to make the guests feel safe.

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  1. Have any of your managers needed to deal with a serious emergency? What can you learn from their experience(s) in regard to emergencies? If there was a fire or a seriously injured guest what would you do?

    • Sumen Zhao says:

      I do not believe any of my managers had to deal with a serious emergency, but sometimes when the broiler is too hot there is a fire and the coordinators would use baking soda to extinguish the fires.

  2. The tell-a-cast is an important pamphlet for the cast members to communicate with the guest. Hurricanes are least likely to happen but just in case I think you are fortunate enough to work at Peco’s Bill because it is an indoor quick service food and beverage.

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