Read and React #3

Before transferring into City Tech, I read the catologue from the Hospitality Management department. The first thing that caught my attention was the Disney College Program Internship. I was more than excited and looking forward to begin a new chapter of my academic career as a Hospitality major.

There are numerous reasons why I choose Disney College Program. The first and obvious reason was I’ve been a Disney fan since childhood, second reason was I get to be an intern at Walt Disney World. I saw this as a great opportunity to advance my academic career but my future career in the Hospitality industry as well.
Being a college intern for Walt Disney World provided me multiple opportunities to network. There are times when I would observe my coordinators and my leaders performing their role and learn from their leadership. From what I observed, my coordinators and leaders will try their best to remember each cast members’ name and be there for us as a leader to guide us. In a way they are like a mentor to me and I look up to them, every time they asked for assistance I am always there to help.

In the article by, the author gave the readers helpful tips on how to start out as becoming a manager. Being transition to a new role can be intimidating however being courteous to the employees you’re managing can come a long way of being a great leader. If I am the manager, I would openly listen to the employees’ feedback and concerns and be fair with my decision making. I believe that a manager should start from the beginning of a job and earn their way to the position. After all, Disney College Program had inspired me to apply for Disney’s Professional Internship. What I am hoping for from the Professional Internship is to learn how to be a successful leader for myself and for my team.

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  1. A balance of taking risks and enhancing your education as well as a bit of curiosity are beneficial to career development too! Try to take some of the career development courses Disney offers before you a finished with your program.

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