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Disney Traditions – received our four keys card, safety and health handbook, disabilities booklet, blue id, name tag and Mickey ears

In the article “Create Company Loyalty with New-Hire Practices” Tasha Freidlein, a member of the Council of hotel and restaurant trainers also mentioned that all of the employees had to watch a video introduced by their president and this made me think back and remember that we were also shown a video of our president welcoming us into the company.

The first things I remembered they touched based on were the four keys, safety, show, courtesy and efficiency. Disney’s motto for cast members is “Safe D begins with me,” with a pun on safety. This is stressed at my workplaces because I am back of house in the kitchen and there are multiple ways to injure your self when doing basic tasks. “Safety beings with me” is something I have memorized and I utilize this at work because we use PPE or personal protective equipment such as hot gloves when handling hot items is used to prevent accidents such as burns. “Traditions” was the day when we got to meet the boss, Mickey Mouse when he bought us our name tags to signify we were a cast member.

Tasha Freidlein also menioned “We also require that all employees spend a night at the hotel to experience the hotel from a guest perspective,” Disney incorporates the experience a little differently. On the first day of training whether it is back of house or front they start with a taste test in which we were able to try everything on the menu in case we had a guest asking us how the food tasted and what we would recommend to them. I have implemented this information when working front of house because some guests ask how spicy the spicy beef is, in reality it is just a slight kick and it is not overly strong.

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