Journal Post #14

This week I completed my training in Main Gate Operations at Blizzard Beach. It was very interesting for me to see how the information is read on the touch points and how it is shown to me on the handheld device. There are so many errors that may occur and having the “GRAPE” there for support really helps. I had never used the CDS system prior to working here so I was a little confused about getting an assignment and clocking out. It is a little annoying having to constantly look at the time to get back to the computer in time to get another assignment. I was also trained in parking, which was surprisingly a lot better than I expected. It is really laid back and my coordinators and fellow cast members make it fun so the time goes by faster.

I am truly excited and happy about having the opportunity to work in another line of business for the Walt Disney World Company. It gives me a little insight into both the resort aspect and theme park aspect of the company. So far I like Main Gate Operations a lot more than I did housekeeping. Housekeeping was one of the toughest jobs I have ever had in my life and I gained a lot of respect for the people who do this every day. It is not an easy job and it is very labor intensive. I found myself questioning whether I wanted to stay or go home. I have great leaders and great college program friends that worked with me to thank for getting me through housekeeping. Most days after work I was too tried to do anything but shower eat and sleep.

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  1. Keriann says:

    Using CDS was a bit of a change for me as well when I started working at the parks but it’s quite practical when there are so many Cast Members in rotation.

    I’m so happy you’re enjoying your role in Main Gate Operations! I believe Housekeeping is definitely one of the hardest roles in the program but if you can do that, you can do anything! It’s amazing that you worked hard and made it through the past few months. Hopefully you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself these next few months!

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