Reflective Photo Journal #13

Graduation Day! I remember graduation day being in the same week as when my final projects were due for my classes so this was a nice reprieve from all the stress. I wish I had taken pictures with the other characters but I was too distracted by the food which turned out better than the pizza they normally serve at housing events. I also won a poster from the DJ stand by answering Disney trivia!

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!

I felt so anxious getting my graduation hat and diploma. It was finally starting to feel real to me that my program was up. I was not ready! There were so many things I wanted to do before graduating but with a week left, how could I do them all? I tried not to panic though and resolved to just spend my remaining time working and being with friends.

That Thursday was Starlit Splash! I had actually never been to Typhoon Lagoon before then and I had an amazing time. I’m very grateful to the Typhoon Lagoon CPs who had to work that night. I found it unfair that they had to miss it and I really think there should be more done about CPs who have to work during the end-of-session event and during the two graduation days. It was a really fun experience. I never realized how many CPs there were until that day. Looking around the packed water park made me think about how many people I didn’t get a chance to talk to or befriend. Missed opportunities! However, there will always be other chances to meet new people even if it’s not through this program.

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  1. Andrea Chan says:

    Typhoon was amazing! It was great seeing you there. I also thought it was sad for the other CPs that were on duty that night but they were having a good time too! I was in the lazy river and the life guards were jamming to the music too. Typhoon is my favorite water park by far! I had so much fun that night. That event was definitely a great idea.
    My friends also graduated the day you did. It was so sad to see them all go–it still seems surreal that they’re back in the real world. 3 more months for me but I’m still not ready!

    • Keriann says:

      It really was awesome bumping into you there! I really wish there were more large-scale CP events like Starlit Splash. I also saw a lot of the lifeguards having fun so hopefully they have good memories of the event! I also felt bad for the many CPs who had to work late at Magic Kingdom though.
      I’ve been seeing a lot more posts on social media like Facebook about my Disney friends leaving and each post makes me feel like I want to go back. There’s no leaving the program! It’s sad and I really hope you enjoy these next three months!

  2. Would you do this program again if they offered it to you?

    • Keriann says:

      That’s a good question, Kiara! If I were given the opportunity to do a professional internship at Disney, I would definitely take it. As for the Disney College Program, it would depend on what role I’d be offered. Although working in merchandise was great, I do feel like I need to get a move on pursuing my career in the hotel business. If I were able to take on a role such as front desk, I would do this program again.

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