Read and React #5

Now that I finished taking my both Disney classes, I could say that my favorite class is Human Resource Management. At first when I applied for this class, I wasn’t really looking forward to taking it. This class it’s different from what major is, I wanted to take a class that was part of my major which is Hospitality Management. But now after taking this class, I’m glad I took this class. The professor it’s amazing teacher, loved the way he did things by making us do activities and he was really funny. He made the class fun and interesting for me. By the end of this class, I know I could use what I learned in the future in any career I choose to take; the professor helped me understand this. This helps me by knowing if there is anything illegal going on in my workplace. I know my rights as an employee.
Human Resource Management aims to identifying, exploring and nurturing intellectual human capital in the fields of Education & Business Management, Social Sciences, and Humanities and inclined to attain a significant place in the world of academic research by its commendable activities. Human resource management it’s based on staffing, motivation, maintenance and training. Staffing it’s when seeking, attracting and hiring qualified people. It’s made of several factors like strategic Human Resource planning, recruiting, and selection. Training its Activities in Human Resource Management related with assisting employees to develop up-to-date skills, knowledge and abilities. Motivation its Activities in Human Resource Management related with helping employees work at high energy levels. Maintenance its Activities in Human Resource Management related with the maintaining employees’ commitment and loyalty to the organization. I learned about the laws that are impacted people workplace. For example the pregnancy discrimination act, meaning that you can’t fire a woman that is pregnant. I also learned about the civil rights act meaning that you can’t fire a person because of their sex, religion, national origin etc.
Civil rights Act of 1964 it’s the one the most affected me while learning about it in class. It’s A federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), and religion in employment, education, and access to public facilities and public accommodations, such as restaurants and hotels. The employment provisions of the law are often referred to as “Title VII,” based on their location in the U.S. Code. I read an article called “Gay Rights Still an Issue for G.O.P. Base” by Albert R. Hunt. This article it’s about how gay rights it’s still a big issue in the United S tates. It’s says that “There are 19 states that have religious freedom laws, and some go beyond the 1993 federal law. Four — Connecticut, Illinois, New Mexico and Rhode Island — have measures that include a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation’. We are 50 sates meaning that there still a good amount of states that are against gay rights. It’s very unfair and I could only imagine how those people feel living in those states.

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  1. I also took Human Resources, this was a great class filled with lots of learning opportunities. I agree, Civil Rights Act of 1964 was very important to us today since discrimination has been prohibited. It’s very important for us to be educated and be aware of our rights. A lot of individuals any naive and don’t know how to protect themselves against a possible discrimination at work, school or public facilities. On the other hand a lot of other people fought for what they deserve through court cases such as Griggs vs. Duke Power.

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