Journal Entry # 11

The classes I am taking from the Disney College Program are ending soon and it is bittersweet but, I was able to learn a whole lot about the history of Walt Disney World through my classes. The field trips with my Inactive Learning Class combined lectures and experience which added another dimension to my knowledge of Walt Disney World. The field trips to the park were the best in my opinion. The trips brought to life the concepts we had learned in class. A perfect example is the topic of themeing. The trips to the park allowed us to visually see how themeing is conceptalized, organized and made reality. In my Human Resources class, I have learned many things I did not put thought into before. I liked that my professor had always been very helpful and made himself available. I was very fond of his teaching style. However, I wish I had put in more effort into study for class. We will be having our midterm next week so I must start studying.

This was also the week that my friends from New York came to visit. Since I had played a major part in planning the trip, it was good to see it finally happen. I was able to spend four days with them and helped make their Disney experience than what was already planned. With them, I finally got a chance to go to universal for the first time since I been here. I had so much fun being on the one fish, two fish, blue fish, and red fish ride in the Dr. Seuess area of the park. The next couple of days I showed my friends around Disney and they loved it. On my friend’s birthday, we had dinner at Artist Point I took two of my friends to see wishes and we were really lucky because we were in the front to see it all. My friends enjoyed their time at Disney and it made me feel good to be a part of that experience. It was bittersweet to have them herue because it was over before I was willing to say good bye to them. However, I really appreciated them being here it give me strength as oddly as that sounds. Disney has been wonderful, but at times it does get hard. It is very easy to get homesick. My friends provided me with a taste of back home and gave me strength to continue.

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  1. Your Interactive Learning class sounds like a lot of fun and also very similar to my Experiential Learning class. The classes I enjoyed most were the hands on classes that allowed me to learn through experiences and the field trip also showed me how that theme parks are more than just a great time but educational also. This learning environment works best for me because I like to see and do things. It gives me a better understanding of what I am learning, which is why I liked this class so much and Interactive Learning sounds like something I would really enjoy taking.

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