Read and React #4

“Why do employees stay?” by John T. Self and Ben Dewald. This a great question to ask many employees. Some employees will only stay because they have no other opportunities and need their job to make ends meet.

The study investigates the possible causes for high turn over rate among the restaurant industry. Unfortunately many restaurant workers don’t make much money and the work can be extremely stressful and exhausting. A high turnover rate in a restaurant can really affect the quality of service and image of the business. Restaurant owners much find effective ways to retain hard-working individual through various form of appraisal such as raises, a complimentary dinner or a simple thank you. This techniques can make a big impact on an employee’s morale and motivate them to work harder because they know their work is being recognized.

In order to create a strong workforce, they must be trained and understand what is expected of them to avoid any confusion. Once employees know their role, they can perform up to standards. Well trained employees feel part of the restaurant and will take pride in their work. As the employees are working hard they also deserve reasonable work schedules and pay. It’s important to have employees working the right amount of hours to have a decent income and not over work them. It’s also important to provide support to those who wish to pursue higher education because they will be thankful for having the opportunity develop a career and their talent may grow in your favor.

The Walt Disney Company appreciates all of the Food & Beverage cast members, by setting up special recognition to all those who are dedicated to their work. Although working F & B is not easy and can be really fast-paced with the support of leaders, all cast members have someone who can lead them when ever in doubt. A great leader can motivate cast members to work to the best of their abilities and their job will not be one which they can’t wait to leave.


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