Journal #8

Today has been a great day, it was the last day of classes. After successfully completing two presentation one on Transactional Analysis and another on Marriott International, I have completed my two courses at the Disney College Program. It was defiantly a great experience, the instructors were very supportive to all of the students and the students were very enthusiastic about the Disney “way” of learning.Ā It’s been a great experience however I do miss going to class regularly on a College setting.

I must thank Allison andĀ Andrea for being such great team members duringĀ our presentation, weĀ certainly did a great job throughout the whole class and we put a lot of effort into putting our presentation together. It was a pleasure working with you ladies!

I can almost see the finish line, time to pack my bags is soon approaching and I am very excited to see my mom, I am a bit sad since this will be theĀ first mother’s day I will not share with herĀ however, I look forward to unexpectedly surprising her home early June.

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