Reflective Photo Journal #11

I’m happy to say that my roommates and I received our third White Glove for inspections! We received some nice merchandise as a reward (a Mickey’s glove keychain, DCP water bottle, DCP lanyard) and some cookies as well. I’m really lucky to have roommates that I get along with so well! I was also able to dine at Be Our Guest for dinner with one of the good friends I made during this program. The food was great and I absolutely loved walking around the castle. I’ll have to dine there again!


Meeting Beast

Aside from the good news on inspections and meeting Beast, it’s been a stressful month as my Disney classes are coming to an end and final presentations are due. With the end of the program also coming up quickly, I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible in the parks. I’ve been bringing my tablet and schoolwork with my to work on at the parks. I’ve found myself hopping on the bus to Animal Kingdom way too many times just to look around at the animals and listen to the music. I’ve even found hidden little comfort spots in DAK where I can just sit and be at peace while working on my school work. I am, essentially, using Disney World as my backyard and preparing myself for my “lasts.” The last time I’ll watch Wishes, the last time I’ll go on the safari, the last time I’ll watch Fantasmic, go on Hollywood Tower of Terror… There’s still so much I haven’t done yet!

I’m happy to say that although I’m not extending, many of my friends and coworkers are! Most of them will be staying at their location and will most likely go on to be trainers for the new Cast Members coming in next month. I’m excited to hear how they will be doing in the next few months! Star Wars Weekends will be also be put in place right when I leave on May 15 and while I’ll be sad I don’t get to experience it, I was fortunate enough to enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. I think I will continue to be updated on the happenings of Disney World even when I’m back in New York.

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  1. In some ways I am happy that I extended because like you said there’s still so much I haven’t done yet and now that I realize how fast the time goes I really want to make use of my days off in the parks and make sure I get to experience everything as much as I can.

    Star Wars weekends have begun and I have not attended Hollywood Studios yet, however, I have heard that it is crazy. There are a lot of EHH shifts and overtime being given at Hollywood Studios to accommodate the guests.

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