Journal Entry # 9

This week was certainly has been an Easter week for me. I went with Keriann and her fellow cast member Rebecca to 1900 Park Fare located inside the Grand Floridian Resort. The lobby of the resort was stunning. it was fill with chocolate Easter eggs with a touch of Disney on all of them. All the Easter eggs were made by the chef who worked inside the Grand Floridian Resort. Their sense to detail was just breathtaking. There was even an Easter egg of the Cinderella carriage from the live action film made. That day I just wanted to stay in the lobby forever, but of course I could not do that so I was glad we have a reserves at 1900 Park Fare for bunch. In was another characters meal and this time I met Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Alice, and the Mad hatter. All the characters were so nice and funny even with the crazy amount of pictures they have to take everyday. I appreciate that they try their best to make it personal for everyone. The food at 1900 Park Fare was delicious especially the strawberry soup which was very unique because I have not see that item anywhere else. We were talking to Tigger about it and it seem like he made the strawberry soup which was so adorable. Our server was so nice and friendly she made sure our glass was never empty. At the end of the meal, our server gave each of us a cupcake with Mickey on it in a to go container. We all left with a full stomach to the point where none of us could move.

After bunch, Keriann and I decided to go to Epcot to for the Disney Egg-stravaganza 2015 where we found Easter eggs in all around the countries. The Easter eggs hunt was not just for little kids, it was for everyone no matter what your age was. Before you started the Easter eggs hunt in Epcot, you needed to buy a map full of stickers to stick to your map every time you found an egg and it was a great activities for the whole family to do together. Keriann and I were so happy every time we found one egg and could not wait to add it to our map. It was fun there was kids asking us if we have found the egg or not since we were holding the map too and it allows for great conversation. When you found all eleven eggs in the end you get an award which was an Easter egg to keep. For my reward, I chose a Tinkerbell Easter egg and Keriann chose a Goofy one. It was a fun day to spend with Keriann for her late birthday.

For the rest of the week, at my work location we were really busy making Easter Egg Baskets, I had so many guests come up to me just asking for more information on them. There were also some guests being really sneaky in trying to created a basket without letting their little one knows. This week we created so many magical moments with families because of this Easter basket we help them created and I can not wait for my friends to come down to visit me.

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