Journal Entry #4

My fourth week of the program was very exciting and adventurous. I had four friends visiting 11048769_896561040382976_3811623277787845242_nFlorida within the same time frame that my roommates and I had a three days off together. One night two of my friends just cam10998005_906383002734113_7883365925515519605_ne by my apartment and we hung out here then went to a hookah lounge. The next day my roommates and I drove down to Miami because that is where my other friend was staying. We went to the beach, lay out and got into the water, which was extremely warm. Unfortunately, a wave took me down and I cut my knee and it would not stop bleeding. We decided to stay the night so we booked a hotel and went to dinner on the strip.

10525909_906383076067439_5051253742810797818_n                      10557301_906383046067442_6716018802928884580_n

The next day we drove back up to Orlando because my best friend’s cruise ship was docked in Port Canaveral for the day. My best friend and her mom met me at Epcot and we spent our day going around the world. It started pouring and would not stop so it made the experience a little less enjoyable. We stopped to dine at the Nine Dragons Restaurant where we ordered mainly appetizers and shared it at the table. We had pot stickers, shrimp and taro lollipops, shrimp and chicken egg rolls, chicken dumplings and vegetable fried rice, all of which were tasty and flavorful.



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