Photo Journal Entry #3

My third week of the program was tough. I was getting used to being on my own in my workplace and I quickly realized how lonely housekeeping really was. Working independently is a great thing but sometimes I missed having interactions with guests and coworkers. The only time I would really see anyone was if my leader stuck his/her head in to check on me or my house person or a guest in passing. The best part of my days were coming home to roommates that I actually got along with and had a lot in common with. This was by far the most motivating parts of my days.


10411900_896560853716328_8351325205677321686_nOn a brighter note, I went to Magic Kingdom and got on Big Thunder Mountain for the first time. I love roller coasters so this was a piece of cake for me. I also went up to the Swiss Family Treehouse, which was super cool. My roommates and I dined at Kona Cafe in the Polynesian Resort. Our waitress was very friendly and knowledgeable on the menu without having to look at the menu or stop to thinking about it. The service was great and my lamb chops were tender and delicious.

 10858468_896560920382988_312682817313782122_n  11081326_896560887049658_1894847804816181935_n

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  1. Even though you role it’s not how you expected , you will end up learning a lot. I herd of the restaurant you went too and I really want to go. I’m very glad that you have your roommates there to hang out with , best of luck !

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