Read and React 3

Although I have not had the opportunity to trail a manager, I’ve have the pleasure of interviewing the general store manager intern of the Art of Animation Resort, Rex.¬†When I asked him questions about how he came into a management position and how he felt starting out at a new workplace, he voiced many of the same ideas listed in “Transitioning into a Leadership Role: On-the-Job Success Strategies for Newly Promoted Managers.”¬†While Rex¬†is against micromanaging, he also does not give complete free reign to cast members. He¬†lets them know the tasks that are required of them and gives them some direction, but at the same time allows them to act them out in their own way. He understands that each person is different and has their own unique way of expressing themselves so when it comes to merchantaining, Rex encourages each person to be¬†himself or herself.

The difference between being a manager and a leader is that a leader can do everything a manager does but also instills pride and enthusiasm into his or her employees. Employees look up at the leader for guidance and approval, so the leader has to be trusted and also competent in his or her role.

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  1. Andrea Chan says:

    I agree with your last paragraph. I feel like many people with authority can manage people/things but I feel that it takes more to lead. When you’re a leader, you have people who want to follow you and who look up to you. When you manage, people do things because they’re told and because you’re the superior. So I complete agree with your post!

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