Weekly Journal #9

I’ve been really excited lately; my family is coming down here next Saturday. They are staying here for a week and we are going to be staying in at the All-Star Movie Disney resort. I miss them so much; I can’t wait to show them around. I’ve been very stressed with long hour’s shifts and big projects due for my two Disney classes. I feel like I need a couple of days off to relax with my family. The great thing is that I’m on break of class for two weeks, so I don’t have to worry about that for a while. I’m going to be able to only think of work and myself for at least a few days. I’m very happy that now that I have a car I’m going to be able to go with my family to Miami for a whole day and just go wherever they want to go. It’s a great feeling of knowing you’ll be able to spoil your parents as they had spoiled you.

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