Read and React #3

Networking it’s really important especially when you want to move up in the industry of your interest. There are some great leaders and coordinators in my location. I have gotten really close to one of my coordinators named Amy. She’s an amazing person, She’s funny, and really understands. I think we get so along at the fact that she is from Brooklyn, she knows where I come from. I look up to her because she started like me in the Disney College Program. She after applied for a part time role, and then she got to be a trainer. After a year and half working in the company, she got offer a position as a coordinator. Now, She got an offer of being a manager, but she is considering it. I asked her “what does it takes to be a manager “, she told me “ a person that wants to be a manager, do the four keys on a daily basis, have a passion for the job, and really care about the guests and cast members”.

She had complimented on things that I have done. And also told me on things I should work on to be better. She likes that I’m a fast learner and catch up on things pretty quick. She has actually told me to do a few things for her when she would be really busy. She has told me to direct other cast members on closing v-points and get new assignments. I feel really good on doing this: it means she trusts me.

I agree with the article “mistakes to avoid by newly promoted managers” by on ways to become a better manager. It says, “try to take things slowly, studying your new responsibilities with the respect and careful consideration they deserve”. To become a great leader, I would need to prepare myself mentally and physically. I would need to observe on other leaders, on what they do. And if I have any bright ideas, talk to other leaders and be open-minded about it.

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