Journal #5

This week it has been filled with lots of personal triumphs, earlier this week I had a father come to the front desk asks about discounted tickets for his sick child. I went to speak to one of the leaders but he only told me to have him look at a website, I has not pleased therefore after talking to several managers I convinced one of them to give them a free day at the park, the manager accepted and gave them each two days. It was very emotional , when we told the father he was going to be able to take his child to the park for free, he started to cry. It was bitter-sweet seeing the sick child smile knowing he was going to be able to see the fireworks the next day.


Another magical moment this week was being able to check-in “The Family of the Day”, a family is chosen from the records and you check them in as usual but at the very ending I told them Mickey has changed his mind and will like you all to upgrade on his account to a family suite, then I give them balloons and they were so thankful, this family had been coming to Disney for years and they had always booked standard not preferred or a suite. To them this was a once in a life time opportunity, when they finally checked out yesterday the father and mother came to say bye and shock my hand as gratitude.

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