weekly journal #8

This week has been so much fun, but busy. I took my savings and decided to look for a car. I looked in the hub; they were many Disney employee-selling cars. I also looked on craigslist, they were a lot of cheap cars bur I really wanted a good-looking car in a good condition. I talked to a few people that I had met that have a car to see if they would bring me to see the cars I wanted and I helped with the gas. One of them brought me once to see one and the others couldn’t go. It was really difficult for me to see the cars, but there was one that I really wanted to see from a craigslist, so I took a cab and went to see it. I fell in love with the car and brought it to my family friend mechanic. He told me it was a good buy so I bought it. It needs a few fixes but that’s it. This showed me that to get what I want I need to go get it myself, never depend on people or expect people to help you out.

This week on both experiential learning and human resource management I had to work in groups for final group projects and presentations. It has been difficult for me because of the fact that I’m doing two group projects and everybody has different work schedules. I suggested making Facebook groups so like that we can send each other our works and help each other out. The good things is that most of the work is individual. We just have to come together to put all of our work together. I really want to do well on these projects because it’s like a final for the class. The professors have given us to until the last day of class to do this, which is great; we have time to do the group projects.

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  1. Congrats on your new car! Florida sure it a great place for affordable cars and insurance.

    I completely understand you about feeling stressed over two projects but I’m sure you can pull it thru. If you need anything I am also taking HR Management so I’ll be more than happy to assist.

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