Reflective Photo Journal #5

I am almost at the midway point for my Creativity and Innovation and Organizational Leadership classes at Disney and it feels like time has passed by very quickly! Although each class is four hours long, it does not feel very long at all. They’re very interactive and consist of teamwork and plenty of introspection. When deciding which courses to sign up for, I tried to go for the ones I felt I needed the most improvement on. Before coming here, I would have never considered myself creative and I felt that my leadership skills could be greatly improved. After just a few weeks taking these classes, I’ve learned that there are many types of creativity besides being a singer, painter, or writer, and even more ways to express one’s thoughts and feelings.

I’m becoming more confident in my artistic abilities and have been willing myself to not be afraid of my own ideas.

Creativity & Innovation: Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario

For my Creativity & Innovation class, we had to interview a creative person and present our interview in a unique way. I chose Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of works such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda. Rather than make a standard PowerPoint, I decided to recreate a scene from Super Mario and have the interview Q&As inside 3-D boxes from Super Mario sprites (a cloud, Koopa Troopa, vines, the warp pipe, and Bullet Bill). With everything I do, whether it’s a class project or a guest interaction at work, I’ve been trying to think of more unique ways of engaging the audience (or guest).

I’ve also been actively taking on a leadership role in my classes which I hope will carry on with me even after classes end. I’m currently the leader in my group for a research paper we’re all working on and I’m usually the one to present our ideas in class. I’ve become more comfortable taking initiative which works itself smoothly into my daily personal and worklife.

I’ve been learning more about myself than I thought I would here at Disney from both my classes and work. I’m still improving upon myself and I’m sure I’ll discover more about my creativity side and my leadership style in the weeks to come.

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2 Responses to Reflective Photo Journal #5

  1. Wow this looks really amazing!
    This bring back memories of the Mario- Nintendo era, good times hope you can show me some these some time.

  2. Andrea Chan says:

    Your idea for your mini project was so creative! Creativity and innovation as my second plan if my first two didn’t work out. I also love my classes. It doesn’t really feel like 4 hours for me either. HR was very basic at first but there are a lot of little things that we don’t really learn about on a daily basis, for example the different acts and laws, so I’m glad I chose HR. I feel that it would be very helpful for me in the future.

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