Journal #4

This passed two weeks have been very stressful the busy season is here and so is the pressure. I have been working at least 10 every shift, this is due to the shortage or staff and due to the very pleasant weather people tend to call out. It has been very interesting because lately due to the high capacity of team check-ins I’ve been working at Celebrity Hall which is in between All-Star Music and Sports. We get teams who reserved at least 700 or more rooms and an exclusive lobby is set up just to check those teams. It is a basic check in however the massive crowds that come in constantly make it very interesting. So far I’ve enjoyed every single minute of my role, it tends to be very stressful but my reward is seeing my guest smile.

Some Magical moments include a 5 year old child who came down to the front desk to ask if Mickey was real because he had left a really nice set up that looked like Mickey on his bed that was playing with his stuffed animals. I said “ofcourse he’s real, he’s my boss”. The boy was not very convinced and said “He’s a man in a suit!”. I said ” No he’s a mouse and goes in and out thru the mouse holes through all of Disney”. After five minutes of back and for conversation, he scan his magic band and his name came up and he said “Mickey is real, I can’t wait to see him”. I gave his some balloons and a coloring book, he then walk happily with his mom.

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  1. Keriann says:

    It’s very smart how Disney has set up check-in to accommodate the large influx of guests who are arriving this month. I’m sure the constant flow of people can be intimidating but as you said, it gets very interesting and exciting when many people come through!

    The magical moment you shared with the 5 year old boy sounds wonderful! I love how you kept trying to convince him that Mickey Mouse is real even though he kept saying he wasn’t. Sometimes kids have their doubts about the magic of Disney but they really want to believe it’s real. It’s our job as cast members to give them that little push and bring the storytelling to life!

  2. It sure is fun to check-in large groups, it’s interesting how much work it takes to make the vent happen and for some people even years to organize.

    I love interacting with kids specially when it’s their first visit, their happiness expressions are truly priceless!

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