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In our industry is very important to keep everything running smoothly through by training employees, working as a team and managing efficiently however some things are out of our control such as Natural disaster. This can be a hotelier’s worse nightmare, knowing that their staff and guest are in danger.

In 2004,  four different hurricanes hit Florida causing in multi million dollar damages, as stated in “The Storms of Summer” by Barbara Higgins. In times like this is very important to keep everyone calm and safe. Guest come to Disney with high expectations to enjoy a magical experience however, when disaster arise this may be hard for cast members to fulfill since the priority is safety.  The number one key to follow as a cast member is safety, it’s also important to work as team to guiding guest into safe zones to avoid any fatalities.  Most guest feel the need to feel safe since they are far away from home and they look up to us as cast members to live up to those expectations, it’s our duty to create a fun, friendly and safe environment. As Barbara Higgins said “You don’t want to lose control of the guest experience”, guest have often expressed they have spent years saving for a Disney vacation therefore they expect great hospitality and security for them and their love ones.

Disney takes safety very seriously  because in 2001 Disney’s River Country water park was closed due to safety issues. Some of the risks for guest included water slides being able to plunge a person up to 7 feet below water. Another very rare but fatal disease found in Florida’s rivers was amoeba. This disease can harm your nervous system, and the brain ( Disney will go the extra mile in making sure all guest are protected from harm.


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  1. Great example of ways the parks could be affected outside of weather. Have any of your leaders or co-workers been affected by closings due to emergencies? What did they say about their experience?

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