Journal #3

This week was composed of an intense 5-day training. I was a great experience learning various components of my role how to use the computer system (Lilo) which can be very temperamental at the busiest time of the day, how to handle taking cash followed by going through various steps to count the money through a machine then dropping it in what is called a bank room.

Other important components for a front desk cashier include:

Making sure all guest information is correct such as arrival day, party number, address, phone number, special request and communicating to my guest whether or not their room is ready. Checking in a guest is very straight forward as long as you follow all the steps in order of the system (Lilo), paying close attention to any comments or important information can really make the process smoother.

Some interesting components of my job for any guest who doesn’t speak English, we have an efficient way to communicate with a guest by simply dialing a number then asking for the language. It definitely helps ease the communication process and allows me to comply with my guest check in/out efficiently. Depending on the guest they will either like or dislike the phone interpreter. A Portuguese guest opt out using the phone interpreter since she rather attempt to speak English and I did my best to understand, some guest rather have a personal interaction .On the other hand some guest immediately come to the front desk to ask for the phone interpreter, it all depends and it’s really up to them.

Tomorrow will be my first day without  a trainer and although it may be a bit nerve wrecking, I am excited to show I’m dedicated to help guests  from all over the world make magical moments and gain experience in the field.


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  1. Andrea Chan says:

    I’m sure you’ll do great! I finished my first week without a trainer and I survived. You’ll make mistakes but I honestly think diving right into it and making mistakes is how you’ll learn the fastest. I’m not fluent in Mandarin but I know the basics. There was a family that wanted to know which attractions in Animal Kingdom were the most popular and the most fun to ride. We were able to communicate through my broken Mandarin and their broken English. They were very grateful and I was happy I was able to help.

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