Weekly Journal #4


This week been so much fun for me. I was lucky enough to change shifts with people with early shifts. I had the chance to go out with some co-workers of mine and get to know the parks like Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I also got to hang out with my roommates and get to know them more. I noticed that two of my roommates are kind off messy. They tend to leave clothes in the bathroom and leave dirty dishes over night in the sink. I’m looking for the right time to talk to them, but I don’t want to sound mean or make them feel any type of way.


I have two weeks already attending to both experiential learning and human resource management class. Both classes are very interesting. Experiential learning it’s all about knowing yourself. It’s different from a regular college class. Human resource its about learning what its wrong and right. Learning about the laws in the United States. Basically learning about what its a HR job. I’m really looking forward to these upcoming weeks of taking both classes.

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3 Responses to Weekly Journal #4

  1. Tomorrowland was where I made magic, it was different then but your photo brings back wonderful memories.

  2. I would like to suggest you speak to your roommates ASAP, things will not change unless they know you do not like it. If you address the matter in a calm, patient and respectful manner things will improve. They may not get to they way you want them but they will improve. Good Luck,

  3. Keriann says:

    I’m so happy you were able to visit MK and Epcot after work! Personally, I love opening shifts because it gives me the rest of the day to have fun or run errands.

    I agree with Professor Goodlad that it’s best to address the roommate situation as soon as possible. Sometimes roommates don’t realize their messiness bothers others. Hopefully they are great roommates besides the messiness!

    I was actually looking at the Experiential Learning class but decided to opt for Creativity and Innovation. If it’s anything like my creativity class, I’m sure you’re having an awesome time learning. I know I’ve been learning so much about myself and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in these Disney classes. Even though your HR class is more about learning laws, is it still somewhat interactive? I was curious about that class as well when I was signing up.

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