Weekly Journals #3

This is my second week working on my role and I honestly can say that I love it! I love seeing those excited faces of families coming into Epcot. Especially seeing those birthday and first visits buttons. Love the fact that even some guests thank me and even call me by my name. Haven’t had a challenge at work yet, but I know that’ll eventually will come and I’m mentally prepare for it.Looking forward to these next months.

Today was my first day of class in the Experiential Learning class. It was very interesting, teacher name is Debi and she’s pretty much straight forward. She’s very funny and I love a professor with a sense of humor. We did a game to get to know each other and it was really fun. She explained the syllabus and what she expected from us. The last hour she started a lecture, which was interesting to me. Tomorrow I start my Human Resource Management class lets see how that goes. I’m excited to meet my other professor and classmates.


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  1. It sure feels good to see a smile of a guest’s face, you can definitely feel happiness through them. I also enjoy being called by name it makes us as cast members feel recognition for our hard work and it shows the guest respect that.

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