Read and React 1

When I think of the name “Traditions” what comes to mind are rituals, coming-of-age ceremonies, and rites of passages. In some way, that was what Traditions was. It was the day we learned more in depth what this company is about and what values they encompass. It was the day we received our name tags and became official cast members.

In “Create company loyalty with new-hire practices,” Tasha Freidlein states that “when an employee steps into a new job, how they are brought on board may be the most important factor in whether they remain.” I think this is the most accurate way to describe Disney’s view on Traditions and the many orientation classes they hold for new cast members.

At Traditions, everything the educators spoke about, whether it was about the four keys (safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency) or the history of Disney, always came back to creating magical moments for not only the guests but for ourselves. Using terms like backstage/onstage in regard to work space, “cast members” instead of workers, and “costumes” instead of uniforms, all help to preserve the magic of Disney. Every single cast member is vital for performing for each individual guest.

At Traditions, they played several videos, some of which included the reactions of kids finding out they were going to Disney World and cast members’ reactions to thank you letters from guests. They were absolutely inspiring to me and made me crave the opportunity to make a guest’s day. We were shown that guests hold Disney in high expectations and it’s up to us to make their stay amazing. The way Traditions was conducted showed that Disney cares about their guests but also about making sure cast members are happy and having fun as well.

I also thought everything that was taught in Traditions can be applied to my living and learning situation. Whether I am interacting with my roommates, playing in the parks, or studying for work, I try to remember that while maintaining safety, courtesy, show, and efficiency, I also have to really be happy and not half-hearted about my actions. True enthusiasm shows and that’s what makes a happy moment a truly magical one.

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4 Responses to Read and React 1

  1. What’s great about those four keys is that you can use them on a daily bases at work and outside of it. I try my best of using it daily and it also makes you feel good about your self. I loved tradition, that was the day it hit me that i will be working for Disney. Best of luck n your role!

    • Keriann says:

      I’ve also been trying to use them in my daily life! Especially the Safety key… It’s surprising how often safety is forgotten so I’ve been trying to be more conscientious of it. The four keys are perfect: Safety leads to Courtesy which leads to great Show which results in Efficiency! Thank you and I wish you the best of luck in your role as well!

  2. Allison Tam says:

    I thought of the samething when I heard the word traditions but, after being there I learn that it was more than a rituals and a class that we had to go. I learn that it was a welcoming event for all the new cast members. I honestly love it and the four keys are really important not just for our roles but like Jennifer said we can use them on a daily bases. I hope one day we can make a different in a guests stay at Disney with our pixie dust.

    • Keriann says:

      I also thought it was an amazing welcoming event for all the new cast members. I really felt like the instructors were excited to have us be a part of the cast and that, in turn, made me excited to be a part of it all! I hope we all get to experience many magical moments during our stay here.

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