Read and React #1

I remember Traditions like it was yesterday. I was so excited; I wanted to know what was this program all about already. Our speakers were Jessica and Erik. They were so funny and made me feel welcomed. It really hit me when they said, “ Today is the beginning of your Disney story”. They started introducing the Disney language. Some examples were the backstage, cast member, costume, guest, and role.

They also introduced a big concept that every cast member follow and is very important to the company. It’s called the ‘The Four Keys’. One of them is safety, which is not texting while walking or driving, holding handrails, and reporting incidents immediately. The second one is courtesy, which is smiling and making eye contact, seeking out guest contact, and greeting each and every person. The third one is show, which is displaying the Disney look, maintaining character integrity, and keeping areas clean and tidy. The last one is efficiency, which is being on time, knowing your location and surrounding areas, and knowing your role and resources. They were showing us videos on how cast members would use each key on a daily bases. After learning about the four key concepts, in each table they told us to choose a leader. We were going on a tour to Magic kingdom. We went through backstage and met a few cast members that were on their break. We then walked around the park and went to a gift shop. Our leaders told us to go in and look for examples of each concept. It was fun and excited. I would never forget that day because it was my first time being in a Disney park. I’m really glad about learning of the four key concepts.

Now I know of ways to make a guest feel happy. I do my best to use the four keys daily on my role. I’m always on time, have the Disney look and try to give the best experience possible to the guest. The article “Create Company Loyalty with New-Hire Practices “talks about the process that new-hire employees go through. Similar to Disney’s Tradition, They also used a video to help the employees understand their concept better. They tell the employees to spend a night at the hotel so they could see through a guest perspective. This is similar to Disney because the cast members get free aces to any parks they want. Overall traditions were an amazing experience. Learned new things and now see from a different perspective.

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  1. Keriann says:

    I will never forget the Four Keys for as long as I live! Although I’ve heard many complaints about the repetitive lessons on the four keys, I actually think they’re useful. It can be applied to not only work at Disney but in everyday life: safety at home or outside, courtesy towards all others, showing your best self at all times, and being efficient with your time and life. It makes you more conscious of your surroundings and really forces you to think about how people will feel about what you say or do. That’s an important lesson I learned at Traditions–even a small, but genuine smile can make a guest’s day better. Imagine what a full day of endlessly supportive and happy cast members could do!

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