Weekly Journal #2

It’s been three weeks since I came and to be honest I feel like I been here for months. I got use to everything already. I finally finished with training; today is my fourth day working officially as a park greeter in Epcot main entrance. I love my job; I get to work at two locations. One of them is Main entrance and International Getaway. The guests always come in happy and excited which makes my job way easier. I love seeing those kids faces, especially when it’s there first time coming in the park. The managers are nice and understanding. They make me feel comfortable working here. My co-workers are also nice, they seem to care about each other, which is great.

I had the last two days off and I had so much fun. It was one of my roommates birthday and we celebrate it. We went to Epcot and she drank around the world, imagine how happy she was. At night we went to downtown Disney and it was my first time there, I loved it. Then the next day we went to magic kingdom and saw the wishes at night, it was so beautiful. It was also my first time seeing this. I’m glad I spend it with my roommates. I had an awesome time.

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  1. Keriann says:

    Congratulations on completing your training! I completely understand what you’ve written about the managers making you feel comfortable. My trainers and managers have been nothing but supportive these past few days and it really helps facilitate our learning. It’s amazing being in this kind of environment.

    It’s wonderful that you were able to experience many of your Disney World firsts with your roommates! I’ve heard several horror roommate stories which can really make the living part of this experience a terrible one. I hope you’re able to spend many more free days with them. And it’s great that you’re able to work at two locations. I’m only at the one (Ink and Paint Shop) so it must be refreshing to be able to switch up your routine. Do you notice a difference between the two locations?

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