Read & React #3

The article “Mistakes To Avoid By Newly Promoted Managers” on describes the start and steps of an uprising manager. I agree with this article that on your first couple of days it is a challenge because you are now put into a different role than you were before, so now you have to take these few steps to make yourself comfortable in your leadership role as a manager. The step “Start Off As An Observer” is a great way to start in your leadership role because you get to see what your team members are doing on a daily basis and understand their role. I believe that leaders who take this step is an important factor because they get to see what goes behind the scenes and a better understanding of the current role that they will manage.

As part of the PM housekeeping, my current leaders have experience within AM housekeeping hands on and previous managers as housekeepers from the AM team. As I talked recently in my weekly journal that I applied and interviewed for my Management Internship, my manager helped me with my pre-interview and he explained to me what it is that a leader does in the lodging role. He told me that he was a manager for AM housekeeper for a few years and had to walk through the role to have a better understanding of what AM housekeeping does. As well he talked to me about networking, networking is an important factor within the area you are working specially in the resorts because you will at one point work with everybody, and being part of housekeeping is huge because it’s a big department. During the summer a new manager intern was starting her role at the All-Star Resort as Custodial Manager. For her position they first week she trained in AM custodial, PM custodial, and PM housekeeping, since we work close with the custodial team during the night. I think it is a great way to have managers trained in our positions so they can get a feel of what exactly goes on and what exactly we do.

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