Read and React 3

The article “Mistakes to Avoid by Newly Promoted Managers” on talks about strategies newly promoted managers should follow to ensure success as managers. I agree with the article and the ideas given in order to succeed as a new manager. The article talks about starting off as an observer, taking the middle path, avoiding cliques and factions and expanding your network. In my time at Disney I been trying to apply these exact skills in order to get ahead with the company and start a career in management with Disney and they have been paying off. From the moment I arrived at my location I been talking to my coordinators and leaders about what it takes to be a manager at our location and been networking. This has landed me with the roll of a Disney Trainer and even becoming the only CP in my location to be a GT. I had an opportunity to speak to one of my leaders who was a CP and Professional Intern about the process and what to expect. Her feedback has been really helpful. I also had the opportunity to speak to one of my coordinators who even suggested to me to speak to my managers to set up a day for me to shadow one of the coordinators. Another thing I been doing is observing the managers on the floor to get a sense of their day to day task and to see the different managerial styles. Observing other people gives you the chance to see the good and bad from a different point of view and helps you understand what needs to get done.

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