Read and React 3

The article “Mistakes to Avoid by Newly Promoted Managers” by speaks about the success strategies of newly promoted managers. I agree with the article, when it mentions taking advantage, taking risk, avoiding cliques and factions and to expand your network. A lot of students do not have the opportunity to be apart of this and it best to take advantage of it all.

With my time here I recently been going to workshops that provide information, tools and support for career development. There were six classes designed to help students increase career development. My favorite workshop was “Acing the interview”. It provide learners with basic strategics to market themselves during the interview experience. Taking advantage of the free workshops is a plus! I love to learn and hear what can help me in the future.

Also with the time here I been speaking to my leaders, managers and my mentor who believe I have potential to continue my career in Disney. One of my mentors is an amazing women name Penny. She is guiding me to further my career and continue my education in Walt Disney. Enough though I am fresh to the market,I am willing to be coachable and optimastic about the opportunity. I speak to my leaders and managers too about my goals and they are planning to set up a few meet and greets. Networking is key and it important to get to know your peers and be open-minded about the experience.

It is significantly important to build relationships to seek out potential mentors. Many companies are looking for Cast Members who have a vision, take risk, and are coachable with a positive attitude. I am thankful for this opportunity and will continue to develop myself, and connections in Walt Disney.

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  1. Andrea C says:

    I agree that networking is key when it comes to our major. There are so many people you can meet in Disney–everyone has a different background and job experience and when they share it, you can learn so much from their experience and benefit from it. I think it’s great that you found a mentor and that you have a good relationship with your leaders and managers. I can’t wait to go to the workshops. I have a feeling it will be similar to Professional Alliance.

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