Read and React 3

The article Mistakes to Avoid by Newly Promoted Managers by is about what do to after you have been promoted to a management position. I definitely agree with what the article is saying. Being an observer first is definitely a great way to begin. It is important to not throw all your ideas on the table at once and overwhelm you staff before they even get a chance to know your style yet. Taking the middle path is also very important. A lot of new managers try to show that they are in control and thus forcing the staff to back away from such an aggressive approach. By giving the staff too much control then you take away from being looked at as a leader. Avoiding cliques is important because you dont want to seem like you are taking ones side over another and risking the possibility of making others feel like outcasts. Expanding your network in my opinion is the most crucial. Because people determine your success just as much as you determine your own I think its very important to learn and listen to others and take advice from how they became successful and what you can do to become successful as well.

During my two months here at The Walt Disney World Company I have already seen the movement and replacement of leaders and coordinators. I have also seen the different personalities and characteristics that make up their leadership profile. Some have possessed some of these qualities and some have possess none of these qualities but I think if new managers take the time to focus on what the goal is and what is the best course of action to achieve that goal then I think not possessing all of the qualities would not take away from them as leaders.

In my case I have had the opportunity to network with the head of my management team as well as one of the executives of the Disney College Program and both have given me similiar advice. Telling me that being a leader is about being comfortable not only as a leader but as a learner and be willing to take the direction I am giving out. Be understanding as well as assertive and not only be a teacher but get comfortable being that student as well.

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