Read and React #3

While here at Disney I have learned a lot how to be a good listener a good worker. Someone who is trustworthy to work any position here at the Whispering Canyon Kitchen. That is a great honor knowing that the sous chef also my manager can walk away and do his managerial work and entrust me with handling the kitchen. When someone works Expo position in the kitchen you are the one who manages everyone as a whole to make sure that every plate that is sent out is perfect. Along with taking the responsibility of talking to guest when an allergy comes and talking to the chef of what to make for the guest or even to make sure that everything for the guest is perfect.

As a cook 2 I am not allowed to take managerial responsibilities unless my chef allows me to do so and is monitoring that I am doing things the correct way.

While reading the article “mistakes to avoid by newly promoted managers”, It is true for a manager to be the neutral one in the party when it comes to arguments between other cast members. As a manager one must be neutral to everything and observe situation not expressing a bias opinion rather than just showing how things should be done the right way.

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