Read and React 4

Keeping the magic alive is something that I take great pride in at Pizza Planet. It is easy to get caught up in the negative part of my job but then I remember where I am and what I am capable of and magic happens. It’s not common where you can create magic at work so I try and capitalize on my opportunities with this company in sharing magic on top of providing great service. At Pizza Planet we are allowed to give free food away at any time we see fit for any reason. I always try and give a little princess something sweet if it is their birthday. I believe this is not going above and beyond to create magic. I am just using my recourses to providing great service and happiness to my guest.

One way that I take it to the next step with providing magic to my guest with free product is to make it personalized. Whenever someone orders a kids pepperoni  we have to take a kids pizza and add the pepperoni onto ourselves and put it back through the oven. I am known in my location to always make art with my pepperoni specialized to the actually guest ordering the pizza. For example a little girl had turned 7 and came into Pizza Planet with a birthday button on her dress and a huge smile across her face. She ordered a kids pepperoni pizza and I cut the pepperonis into a 7 shape and placed them all over the pizza. When I handed the pizza over to her she was overwhelmed with joy! This gave me such a warm feeling seeing this little girls face after doing such a small thing that affected her in such a grand way. This was pure magic to me.

Disney keeps the magic alive for full time employees with benefits and perks. Full time employees in Disney are treated as royalty when comparing to all other employee statues. They have first picks for everything. They get the days they want to work and they get the days they want off. Disney gives those paid sick and vacation days as well. Full time employees also have amazing benefits regarding 401k and health plans. Disney holds many benefits, parties, networking opportunities, and special event for full time employees as well. My manager Steve told me that Disney wants to keep their valued employees and that is why they treat them so well. Being full time status as Disney is a honor.

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