So I have finally gotten use to all the little lizards down here. At first I was so scared everytime one of the little things ran by me but now I kinda like them. Work is so much fun latly. Its the slow season so there is alot of down time at pizza planet. The cast is great and we all have amazing chemistry. I love getting a little breaks from the maddness that pizza planet attracts. I seriously believe everyone who comes to HS must come to pizza planet because we are just that busy. I have been put on register for the past few weeks and i cant complain. It better then bussign tables and tossing salids for hours at a time. Plus I get to talk to all the guest which i enjoy more and more every day. I cant wait to come back to New York. I cant wait to wear my north face and boots and walk around the city in the cold air. I really miss my life. I got an amazign quesidila burger at apple bees two nights ago and that is legit the highlight of my week. Its quite pathetic. I make no money here. My pay checks have never been enough to even feed me. Its so sad. I am always poor and I am so thankful that my parents help me out. I do not know what I would do without them. Last week I made $27.28. Like its seriously a joke. I can spend that much on one dinner ! Life is rough but I am coming home on thursday for six days so I cant complain 🙂

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  1. Nadia says:

    I completely feel your pain. Especially we all are coming from New York I do not think any of us are used to making so little and having so much responsibility. The pay is really pathetic, but hold on strong! We are almost there and we will forever have this on our resume.

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