Read and React 3

During my college program I have had the opportunity to network with a few of my managers. I have talked to one of my managers Kristen about doing a professional internship and how to further my career in Disney if I wanted to in the future. Kristen has gone through the college program, professional internship, and is now a area manager. She has a lot of great knowledge for the college program students because she has been through everything already. I always try and go to her for advice. When we talked about the professional internship she told me all about the benefits for my career, even if it’s not with Disney. She also went through the draw backs and highly suggested I go back to New York and finish up my degree before I look into coming back. She told me this because doing a professional internship in her eyes is the beginning to your career. I was able to get an overview of everything that I would be able to learn during my internship along with all the on the job learning I will benefit from. She went through the motions of her position and how smooth it was to transition to her position. Kristen is a great mentor and coach.

I have also had the opportunity to help my manager Steve with some tasks during our slow hours. Steve tries to give the college program participants a taste of his job whenever he sees that we have some spare staff or time. Steve is the area manager at Pizza Planet along with our sister restaurant Mama Melrose. He is always trying to help the college students really get a taste of how it would be to work at Disney in a manger position. I think this is great because not only do I get to perform my daily job but I also get to see how it would be to do the mangers daily job. Trailing Steve is also of fun and a great way to learn.

Along with learning from my own managers I believe it is very important to get myself out there in all areas that I have available. I am always looking for an opportunity to network and get my name out there to different people in powerful positions. Two nights ago I worked a Hollywood Studios buyout. This means that a company has bought out the whole park for their own enjoyment. This is a great opportunity to network because all the big managers come out to play during buy outs. Managers are crawling all over the park showing Disney’s best face.  As the buyout began we all went outside to wave to guest as they were flooding into Studios. I took the opportunity to talk to Ann the head quick service manager at Studios and put my name out there. I told her where I was going to school and what I am trying to do with my life. We shook hands and she told me to come to her with any questions or if I need any referrals. This got me so excited just knowing how friendly all the top managers are and how easy it is for me to network and make connections.

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