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Being here has not gotten easier for me. I am so home sick. Everyday is a stuggle for me. Working at Pizza Planet with an awesome cast is the only thing that keeps me here. I love my cast and I love my location. Hollywood studios is such a pleasure to work in, especially when I hear about the stuggle of working at Magic Kingdom. My classes are okay to be honest. I am taking human recource management with Ryan O’Kelly and it is actually hard. We have essages, article reviews, and quizes each week. I am not doing as good as I want to becuase all of his assignments are graded with such scrutiny. I need to do better in the upcoming weeks to be satisfyed with the outcome of my grade. I am going home Novemeber 14-20 and I seriously cant wait for the break. I need to be back in my natural habitat. Not to menetion I cant wait to spend time with my family and puppys. UGHH so excited!!!!  I have not gone to the beach once, nor have I been to half of the parks here. My time is so consumed with work and sleep it is depressing. I have my own room here. It is such a blessing, I seriously just got so lucky. The only roomate I have gotten was termed 1 week after moving in. Having my own space keeps me sain. Florida weather is gross. I miss fall. Does this place not have seasons ?!? Its so weird and its actually throwing my body off. Disney World is such a weird little bubble that I cant pop. pizza

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  1. thaychar says:

    When I first got here in May, I went through a major depression. I was so home sick. I felt really alone. All I wanted to do was go back home and be with friends and family. I went back home in August, had to come back on a Friday but missed my flight on purpose ha-ha and came back Saturday morning. God really blessed me with good roommates so they kept me on my feet. As time went one, things got way better and I could honestly say I am glad I stayed. Keep your head up Sara!

  2. Thaycha provided sound advice. Time at Disney is like a roller coaster, at some points the struggle to get to the top is difficult then there is excitement for what is before you only to meet another difficult climb. This is part of the journey to better understanding your own needs and how you can best balance what you want personally with what you want professionally.

    Regarding the course work, yes, it is tough. These are difficult subject matters each of your are addressing and it is important to dedicate the time necessary to reading before class in an active manner (i.e. taking notes as you read), asking questions about the topics you find difficult and working in groups to “attack” the subject from different points of view. Speak with your teacher to see if anyone as created study groups.

    That said, finding time to visit the parks will make your experience better. Life is a balance of work and play. Try to make time for both.

    Send me a message if you wish to discuss the internship in private.

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