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Working in Pizza Planet it is very important to have our emergency situation tactics down to a science. My mangers make it very clear how the cast should respond to any emergency situation. Barbara Higgins mentions in “The Storms of Summer” that during the storms of ’04 it was very important to communicate and support the employees. My managers in Pizza Planet always stress to the cast that it is important to communicate in any situation.

These situations could range anywhere from an emergency to a pizza coming out of the oven. My managers want the cast of Pizza Planet to have flawless communications skills with one another to avoid obstacle and confusion that come along with the chaos of miscommunication. At Pizza Planet we are trained to always go that extra step to make the guest feel special and taken care of. This includes bending down to get on a child’s eye sight for comfort to directing an emergency situation where adults are taking the lead. As cast members it is our job to make our guest feel at home at all times.

I know it is part of Disney to ensure every guest has a fantastic time during their stay and we want that to transfer into emergency situations as well. It is very important to keep our guest calm in emergency situations and ensure them that the cast is taking care of everything. The guest are still on vacation and they are still our number one priority during emergency situations.

In the four keys Safety comes first that this transfers into emergency situations as well. I was trained in my location for numerous emergency situations. These situations range from natural disasters, heavy rain, unconscious guest, injured guest, fire, dangerous guest, and many more. My mangers always stress that when an emergency situations occurs you have to be well trained because it is common for you to panic. There are strict rules and regulations set for our cast to know what to do and when to do if the situation arises.

Barbara Higgins article taught me that no matter the situation you need to always put the safety of the ones around you first. This article will help me in my future management roles because I will have the confidence to know what is right to do for everyone.

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