Visual Quote


Visual Quote – thumbnail sketches  “Love is the force that leaves you colorless” – Ovid

I chose this quote because it expresses my personal sentiments on the topic of love. I believe that true love sees no color. Love is not measured by race, class, socio-economic status religion or creed, true love is pure and unconditional.


In the  first composition the blue represent the world and the different shapes represent the people who are all sizes, shapes and skin tones, the fonts were kerned  to show that magic pull that forces love to see no color.

The second composition was purposely done in red and white which the universal color that represents love. The font “Lucinda’s calligraphy”  was used for the word “Love is that” because the font has a curvy exquisite look that is very attractive. The interlocking wavy lines that links the word “love” to the word “you” represents the magical force of love that pulls and interlocks the hearts making love colorless. The rest of the quote was done with the font “Minor Pro” to express the sturdiness and the strength of love’s grip on the hearts that see no color.

The third composition expresses the pure, unconditional love of two children who see no color just friendship and happiness that genuinely emanates from the heart. I chose this picture because it is the express interpretation of the quote even if it was not written in composition.