Video Project

The Storyboard and mind map were designed to as tool or guide to show what the project is about and the different stages that is needed to achieve the end goal. It also serve as a check list of the shots and scenes needed to compose the story in a cohesive way.  The mind map basically show the different story lines and the story board are thumbnail sketches of how that story will be told.

My Video Project, The journey, the Process

The journey and process of making the video project was exiting at first, creating a mind map and sketching out what I wanted my video to look like was the easiest part of the process. Just thinking about a day or weekend of fun in your life seems pretty easy. My God given ability to just recall routine activities in my life are amazing and bring about warm memories of moments spend with friends and family. It also help me to appreciate the other people who impacted my life like my daughter’s hairdresser, my fellow church members, the people at the supermarket where I purchase food to nourish myself and my family. My life is intertwined with people who I did not think a lot about until I started doing my project.

The challenge I had however was to capture those moments in a natural way that was not choreograph, if I missed a moment there is no do over.  Another challenge was that people are very shy to go on camera including family members. Everyone wants to look their best before committing to being on a video that might end up on the World Wide Web. The other obstacle I faced was the limitations of my cell phone and the available space for videos, also the fact that I am still learning Photoshop, so I had to stop and consult you tube videos instructions for help.  I spend so much time on trial and error with my project which is very time consuming and sucked the fun out of the process.

What I would do differently is chose a topic that would require being dressed up and looking your best, like a girls night out with my friends, and mentally prepare them. I think I would get a much better reception when people are prepared and look their best hence they would not shy away from the camera. I would also spend more time researching how to edit videos to reduce the time I spend learning how to, during the actual project. Overall I like the concept and I am sure I will use it in the future for preserving some wonderful family moments.