About Me

My name is Vashnee Persaud and I’m currently a freshman majoring in Communication Design here at City Tech.

For me, Communication Design seems to be such a technical term for a world of creativity and truthfully, my passion for design and media sparked long before I even discovered the title of the degree. I remember from such a young age I’d always find myself meddling with paint and small sketches, web builders and other online software to create simple little sites and designs, all of which made up what seemed to be a small hobby to me but later grew and sparked into a bigger passion for design. 

As I entered high school I began to design flyers, posters, logos and other media personally for simple events and even became the main source for print ads for various school related events. As I grew as a designer I continued to branch and started creating simple event related media such as monograms and print work for individuals with small entertainment groups or event hosts. 

Being in City Tech even for such a short time has allowed me to flourish as a designer and person because I have been able to continuously learn new skills including becoming familiar with the Adobe suite including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator but also to challenge myself to push my designs both in terms of execution and presentation. I always find myself inspired by the staff and my peers to pursue new opportunities such as hack-a-thon like events which I enjoy so much and all have helped me to grow. 

My goal is to strive to push myself to be the best problem solver that I can be because after all designs are not only usually aesthetically pleasing but also like a visual solution. As I continue to venture on my journey in graphic design, I’d like to learn more techniques in typography as well as ways to pitch my designs because advertising is a secondary interest of mine. Overall, I’m excited to see where my vision and determination will take me because ultimately the sky isn’t the limit.