Seventh Internship Journal Entry

While there was no event I attended, there is technically someone I would consider more of a role model here. It is my supervisor Jonathan Burch. He basically goes on all of the photoshoots with me and always gives me advice that ends up improving my skills and giving me better results. I appreciate that he started out with little to no experience and essentially learned from all of his mistakes to get to where he is now. I basically have the same learning process for myself so instantly we got along very well. Overall I like his approach to tackling problems. It’s very laid back but at the same time achieves results which is a very complicated thing to achieve. He is also quite good at communicating with people since I am not the first intern that has worked under him. Everybody seems to very much like working with him.

Overall this internship was a very interesting and unique experience for myself. I’ve picked up things here that I would likely have not gotten otherwise.