Fourth Internship Journal Entry

Hello professor and classmates,

Luckily for me there is a lot that I get to do in my internship that’s related to my major, alongside my hobbies as well. Some of the key skills that I get to improve day to day are my photography skills, my photo editing skills, and my video editing skills. I am always asking for and receiving feedback in terms of my photography skills and how they pertain to what Clickdaily is looking to accomplish. Generally I am always performing duties that are only related to my major and it also helps that I get to talk to their clients and hear their thoughts on the company and what they want.

My typical day on the internship is pretty straightforward for the most part. I usually come in and start editing the photos, videos from the previous day right off the bat. Afterwards, if we have a photoshoot that day, me and my supervisor go there and get whatever shots we need to get. Then we head back to the office and if I have time left in the day I get a headstart on the editing, if not then I finish it up the next day.