Fifth Internship Journal Entry

Hello professor and classmates,

My internship doesn’t really offer me much collaboration since what they have me do is a one person job. The only time that I do collaborate is when I go out to photoshoots with my supervisor. The way that generally goes is me and my supervisor either head out from the office straight to the shoot, or I meet him there. Once there, he picks out what he wants to shoot and orders whatever food he believes will look good in the photos. Generally he has me start with photographing the ambiance, interior, exterior, etc, while he gets a head start on the food. Once I finish that up I start working on certain dishes of drinks as well.

In terms of communication I generally ask him for feedback in terms of photo angles, white balance, and lighting position. He gives me tips and after he checks out my photos basically says which ones he likes and what not to do as well. Overall everything has been relatively successful thus far and they seem to like me so no complaints.